Abby Violet  {the Artist}

I always knew I loved the arts whether it be music, fashion, acting, etc. Art and creativity is something my soul craves to express. So, I got my degree in Visual Communications so I could make art for a living. My hobby is video games which led to my branching to mobile games. Fashion led me to Stardom, which in turn became Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Fashion is so inspiring! For me, seeing individuality (personal style) expressed through fashion is what the art of fashion is all about. { Geek Chic }

{ Gemini sun, Taurus moon, Sagg Rising }
Hobbies: gaming, reading, learning, singing/music, animals (5 pets!)
Passionate about: Living, animal rights & the environment, faith, being healthier every year, global unity {peace, love & understanding}
Software: Photoshop  & Illustrator


Abby Violet  {the Avatar}

Abby is a small town girl who knew she was meant to be in fashion. One day she had a celebrity encounter that changed her life. She propelled herself quickly from the E to A-list through modeling which opened the doors to Mirimount Pictures and other motion pictures. Despite all her success, she felt something was missing. So, she decided to pursue her love of fashion in a more creative way and Abby Violet KKH Design Studio was created. Now, you can see her fashions on the red carpet, Femme, Glamm and more!

A-List Level 28 (2nd Game), Not Hacked/Never Will Be